Archer's Bow
Archer's Bow
Archer's Bow
Archer's Bow
Archer's Bow

Archer's Bow

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Jump into the Holy Grail Wars, a battle of magi and their summoned heroes who fight for a chance to win the Grail and the fulfillment of one wish. This bow has helped Archer in countless fights by offering superior strength and range. Draw your bow, take aim, and rain down arrows on any Servant, Saber, Berserker, Ruler, Assassin, Rider or Caster class summoned hero that dares cross your path.

This is a functional Replica of Archer's bow from the Fate/Stay Night series. Also available as a con-safe prop. For orders of the functional version, both sides of the handle details will be off-center, so as to allow the smooth passage of arrows. Made with black furniture grade pvc pipe, so the bow itself will never fade or wear.

Photos courtesy of JHassphoto -,

Cosplay photo courtesy of Superior Firepower Cosplay. If you have questions about the costume, please look him up and ask him, we only provided the bow.

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-The weight option refers to the draw weight of the bow. Draw weight refers to the resistance or strength of the bow when pulling the string back. Not sure which draw weight to get? If you have little to no experience, or simply want a “fun” bow, get something lighter, in the 20-25 or 25-30 lbs draw, if it’s available. If you have a little more experience, or feel strong, try the 30-35 lbs. We recommend not getting the 40-45lb option unless you are very experienced and have the necessary strength to draw this bow reliably.

Wondering what we mean when we say con-safe? If you order the 0 (Con-safe) lb version of the bow, it will be made so it is already “bent” and is paired with a weak elastic cord, offering negligible functionality. This will give you a prop that at least “looks” like you are carrying proper bow, rather than just carrying around a bow that is unstrung or a sad, tiny one that you got from the costume store.

Right or Left-Handed
-All of our bows are ambidextrous, except for the ones with a wooden riser (Speedy, Hawkeye, etc). You can shoot right or left handed with any of them!

-Not sure what arrows to use? Well, since most of our bows come without arrow rests, you'll want an arrow that is two inches longer than your normal draw length so that the tip will remain extended past your hand, even when drawn back. The average length is 28 inches, so going with 30 inches is a pretty safe bet. Also, make sure to get arrows rated for the draw weight of bow purchased. Note: the arrows we sell are intended to only be used as props.

Shipping Overseas
-Normally, we don't have problems shipping overseas, except for the occasional delay as the package travels between countries.
-AUSTRALIANS: if it says you can't purchase because of shipping settings, please message us and we'll help you. The reason this happens is because Australia restricts packages to a max length of 42 inches (most of our bows are longer than that). We'll make adjustments to the settings for you. In this case, please pay via Paypal, or we won't be able to ship a product to you.