Connor Arrow (Prop)

Connor Arrow (Prop)

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*Includes single arrow, bow and quiver sold separately.

These are simple arrows, made with 5-inch shield-cut synthetic fletchings, wooden dowels (all of them will be fairly straight), and a blunt tip. We only have white fletchings, currently, which we paint to match the desired style. These arrows are intended to be the bare minimum, so they don't come with arrowheads and we don't offer to paint the shafts. We may soon post a listing to include more detailed arrows.

Technically, these are functional arrows. However, the dowels are 5/16" dowels from the hardware store, so not exactly premium material if you're looking for a very durable, functional arrow. In most cases, they should offer a decent amount of shooting time, if you choose to use them. Just sharpen the tips in a pencil sharpener. Setting the tips on fire for a few seconds will help strengthen them. Please exercise caution when doing so.

That being said, we do not guarantee the arrows for shooting. These are made primarily with cosplay in mind. Hence the blunt tips. Also, while we are selective in purchasing the straightest dowels we can, we do not check the grain nor do we check for knots. That factors in to the durability of the arrows.

The arrows are available for purchase in different bundles, each granting a successively larger discount. The single arrow is full price; 3 arrows 10% off; 6 arrows 15% off; 12 arrows 20% off.

Current available styles:
-Assassin's Creed III Connor Kenway: the rear half of each fletching will be blue.
-Tomb Raider Survivor Arrows: fletchings will feature black stripes.
-Merida Arrows: White fletchings, cut at the back ends. Shaft and fletching wrapped with white thread.
-Plain: Plain, white fletchings, no other details.

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